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Our extremely safe, highly energy efficient sliding patio doors are built to last and will blend in easily with your space and personalize your garden-side openings.

Synonymous with comfort, the patio door requires little maintenance and is offered at a very affordable price. The patio door consists of two or four panels and a sliding screen with an adjustable ball bearing system.

The rigidity of aluminum gives the patio door both strength and stability. Its composite thermal barrier ensures you the best energy efficiency. For increased security, all doors and screens come equipped with locking mechanism. An exterior key is also available.

*Energy Star Certification Available

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The PVC patio door consists of 2 double glazed panels that combines both elegance and durability. It offers an exceptional level of performance in terms of air and water resistance. The door is equipped with a Low E Argon thermos and a  ½” non conductive spacer. 

Its exclusive locking system makes this door one of the safest doors on the market. 

*Certified Energy Star

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The hybrid patio door series is an excellent choice that combines elegance, performance and functionality. Made from solid internal PVC panels and extruded aluminum cladding, these doors are durable and easy to maintain.

The Low-E and Argon as well as their weather-stripping, offers maximum weather protection. 

Their patented locking system makes this door ultra safe. Also available  is the LIFT AND SLIDE patio door, equipped with high-quality hardware that facilitates a smooth, quiet and effortless gliding. 

*Energy Star Certification Available

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Eclipse Blinds

Control your privacy level with the touch of a finger.  Integrated blinds give you a choice between a full clear view or total intimacy. Raise, lower, open and close your blinds and never have to clean them.

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