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Casement Windows

Also known as crank windows, casement windows are the most common and most efficient model on the market. With pressure weather stripping, multipoint locks and pane rectifiers, that perfectly match the casement frame, giving it properties of high energy efficiency.

Sash windows are also available in different materials such as PVC, known for its energy efficiency, aluminum for its robustness, or a combination of materials in hybrid models. Our line of windows has been carefully selected from the industry’s best manufacturers. Our windows combine durability, aesthetics, safety and higher energy efficiency, complete with the best warranties on the market.


The variety of brands, quality, design and colors that make up the selection at Charland Doors & Windows will help you find the window model that will best reflect your style and perfectly match your requirements and your budget.

You will also enjoy the expertise of our installers, who will make sure your installation is flawless.

In addition, you benefit from the competence of our expert installers for an impeccable and worry-free installation.

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