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Casement, sash or sliding PVC (polyvinylchloride) windows are known for their energy efficiency and their excellent quality/price ratio. They are durable and highly resistant to deformation, shocks, discolouration and corrosion. In addition, they are easy to maintain and dustproof.

In addition, PVC windows are air- and watertight and offer low thermal and sound conductivity. The quality of a PVC window varies depending on the thickness and the number of air chambers within the frame. A higher number of air chambers guarantees a better insulation and rigidity of the frame. The majority of PVC frames on the market are made with 100% virgin PVC powder, which provides doors with a durable finish that efficiently resist yellowing and cracking.


Whether casement, sash or sliding, the aluminum window is durable, robust and rigid. It is highly resistant to moisture, fading and distortion and requires very little maintenance. Its structural rigidity is superior to that of PVC, which allows it to create more narrow profiles, providing greater glass area for more light.

Modern aluminum windows contain a thermal spacer, which helps eliminate the thermal conductivity between the interior and the exterior, providing the same energy efficiency level as PVC windows. In addition, accelerated wear tests have shown that, in the long run, aluminum windows are more durable and more water- and airtight than any other material.

Aluminum allows the application of paint through a baking process in a vast range of colours that can be different on the inside and outside to preserve the beauty of the window. A choice of dark colours prevents the aluminum from becoming discoloured due to exposure to sunlight.


Offering the best quality/price ratio on the market, hybrid casement, sliding or sash windows consist of a PVC frame with an exterior covered with extruded aluminum cladding. On the inside, PVC maximizes the window’s energy efficiency while its aluminum exterior affords robustness to its structure. The aluminum exterior allows the application of paint in the colour of your choice.


The tribride window combines the performance and robustness of a hybrid window with the elegance and antique feel of wood, which offers a range of finishes and an unlimited choice of colours, making it a highly versatile product that blends easily with the rest of your home.


Glazing is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a window. Its degree of insulation is provided by the thickness of the windows and the space between them. The quality of glazing also varies depending on the type of spacer, the use of a low-E coating film and the use of an inert gas between glass panes (Low-E argon gas). On the acoustic side, recent tests have shown that double glazing glass panes of different thicknesses for exterior and interior get the best results, the difference in thickness having the effect of reducing the capacity of sound transmission.


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