Sliding windows

Single or double sliding windows are made up of two superimposed frames that open from left to right. Ideal for basement or bathroom use, they represent the most economical window model.

Casement windows

Sash windows

PVC Aluminum Hybrid


The Lapco sash window from the Gênes series offers comfort, performance and high energy efficiency. Through a triple coextruded weatherstripping system, it provides a higher level of weather resistance. Its 6” frame has refined, elegant lines and a J-type ½” or ¾” integrated inner moulding combined with colonial-style panes. The framework allows the integration of a double or triple thermal window and additional trim on the outside. It is also equipped with an automatic locking system for increased security.

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The Primera sash window by Panorama is perfect for creating large windowed areas. The use of 100% virgin PVC powder in its manufacturing process and its multi-chamber structure make it an extremely strong and durable product, while providing quality soundproofing, security and energy efficiency features that are second to none. Featuring weather-resistant glass, it is an ideal product for homes located at water’s edge, in humid areas or in regions with extreme weather conditions.